LIT Networking provides organizations with routing and switching design and implementation at all complexity levels to effectively and securely connect networks while using integrated devices capable of delivering voice, video, and data.

The proliferation of server virtualization and bandwidth demanding applications, such as IP based video, have driven the evolution of enhanced routing and switching technology, resulting in 10 Gigabit Ethernet as the de facto standard in the LAN core today.  In addition, new virtual switching technology simplifies the ongoing management of traditionally complex spanning tree and routing architectures.

Many of the features and functionality inherent in today’s infrastructure are not optimally enabled or configured.   LIT Networking utilizes the advanced capabilities of Cisco routers, switches and network optimizing appliances to provide added levels of security, simplify ongoing operations, and improve network and application services.

Our core networking infrastructure solutions include:

  • Complex Routing design and configuration
  • WAN migration (MPLS, Metro Ethernet, FR, ATM, etc…)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN’s
  • New Fiberchannel over Ethernet data center solutions
  • Server and Network Loadbalancing
  • Virtual Switching
  • Network Assessments